M.C. Escher (1898-1972)

Day and Night, 1938
Woodcut in black & grey; printed from two blocks
15.37 x 26.62 in (39.04 x 67.61 cm)
Price on Request
UNIQUE: Hand-signed lower left margin and annotated 'eigen druk' in lower right margin Catalogue raisonné: Bool #303 © The M.C. Escher Company B.V. Custom frame dimensions: 34.5" high x 44.5" wide Escher described Day and Night as having been “logically born from the associations: light = day, and dark = night.” In the center of the composition, flat, roughly diamond-shaped patches of fields between two small, virtually identical Dutch villages quickly metamorphose upward into the silhouettes and then three-dimensional forms of birds flying in opposite directions, literally earth taking flight. The fields continue below, their outlines becoming less defined, and eventually become the day and night skies, the two skies melding through the shapes of the flying birds. The two halves of the composition—left and right / day and night—are mirror images of one another, united by means of the gray fields out of which the birds gradually emerge. The left to right transition between day and night below is conveyed by subtle gradations in gray tones, which become progressively darker moving from left to right.