M.C. Escher (1898-1972)

Flowers, Lilies, 1931
7.12 x 5.37 in (18.08 x 13.64 cm)
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Limited-edition Initialed "MCE" in the ink bottom left corner Catalogue raisonné: Bool #156 Custom frame dimensions: 17" high x 14.5" wide The Lily is a symbol of spring and featured in an extremely rare early print by M.C. Escher. In 1931 Escher completed a series of "Emblemata" woodcuts that combined image and text into pictures with multiple levels of meaning. The text here in Latin and Dutch reflects on beauty, wonder, and transience. Escher's lily was created as part of the Emblemata set but was never printed in the actual edition, and so became one of his rarest images from this period. A tiny edition was printed for the arts journal 'Elseviers,' and it is engraved with Escher's classic MCE initials in the block. Additionally, his name is printed below the image together with the note in Dutch, "original woodcut." © The M.C. Escher Company B.V.