Chrissy Dolan-Terrasi

Chrissy Dolan-Terrasi


1950 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"The topics I explore have excited my imagination and established for me an almost mystical foundation for painterly expression. Their poetic symbolism represents and parallels certain moments in my life, and although veiled through time and space, their mythological substance still haunts the subliminal world of my mind." --Chris Dolan

The works of Chris Dolan offer a metaphor for human angst in an era of painterly exploration and frustration. As spectacles of meaningful figuration struggling to come into being through formal disruptions and a limited palette of earth tones, her brashly intent paintings display richly textured surfaces laden with emotional content. These expressive abstractions are described in various tones of browns, blacks and terra cottas that make reference to primitive cave paintings and the sepia drawings of the great masters. Colors as thick as tar vie with fluid and loose brushwork and instinctive drawing and scratching to imbue the surfaces with a neo-expressionist energy. In paintings that explore the human figure as a vehicle for visual interaction, she studies anatomical structure before endowing their images with an ambiguity of content and distorted reality.

The figures she defines tend to fray and bleed, invade and become one another in every imaginable way as they are subsumed by the immediacy of the thickly layered surface textures and vigorous markings. As if the substance of inscrutable walls, they range from the boldly defined to mere linear suggestions and have an innate vitality that seems to emerge from the depths of the paint. There is a pervasive energy in her gestural abstractions and saturated expressionist brush. The freedom and spontaneity of Chris Dolan’s painting techniques allow the richly textured imagery to dominate the canvas with an arresting presence that is as provocative as it is mysterious.


- Carol Damian



1969-1970 Maryland Institute College of Art

1970-1971 Corcoran College of Art, Washington, D.C.

1971-1972 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Grenoble

1972-1975 Ecole des Beaux Arts, Aix-en-Provence



Selected Exhibitions:

1982 “New Talent Exhibitions” Marion Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, USA

1986 Galerie 101, Malma, Sweden

1988 “Forum Supelec", Paris, France

1989 Exposition Centre Culturel de Mandelieu, Galerie Lafrache, Cannes, France

”A propos du Tunnel" Galerie Lafrache, Cannes, France

”7e rencontre de la Peinture Contemporaine", Cannes, France

1990 Galerie Vendome, Paris, France

1991 “Maison des Artistes", Haut de Cagnes Fondation Sicard Iperti, Vallauris ”Eclatee 91", Haut de Cagnes, France

”Peinture Palissade", Cannes Film Festival, France

1992 “Art Vencia" Musee de Vence

Rotonde de Beaulieu, France

1993 Maison des Artistes, Haut de Cagnes 7e Salon d‘Hiver, Invitee d‘Honneur, Lyon, France

1995 “Art Jonction International", Galerie Vecchio, Cannes, France

Exposition “Chaises Eclectiques", Galerie Artgument, Montbason, France

1996 “Clair de Femme", Galerie Vecchio, Cannes, France

Cannes Foire internationale de Strasbourg, Strasbourg France

”Clair de Femme", Apricale, Italy

1998 Skot Foreman Fine Art, Ltd. Dania Beach, Florida, USA

1999 Art Paris, Paris, France

2000 “A Convergent Voyage; Studies in Duality" Two Person Exhibition with Purvis Young, Skot Foreman Fine Art, Ltd. Dania Beach, Florida , USA

2001 ArtMiami, Miami, FL USA

2001 Town & Country Art Fair, West Palm Bch, FL, USA

2001 “Voltige", Gallerie Vecchio, Cannes, France

2001 The Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada

2001 Texas International Fine Art Fair, Dallas, TX

2002 ArtMiami, Miami Beach, FL

2003 "Structure - The Figure as Architectre" Skot Foreman Fine Art, Atlanta, GA

2003-2004 "Persisting in Presence", Gallery Arcturus, Toronto, Canada

2006 Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

2008 Art Basel Pop Up Space, Wynwood, Miami, Florida

2013 "Yo, Yo Tango" Solo Exhibition, Galería Skot Foreman, San Miguel de Allende, México

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